Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There Is No "I" in Democracy

Even drones “learn” that democracy is very different from communism. To the masses, democracy really means that I get to have a say in how my masters rule my neighbors. How cool is that? “Equality,” so touted by successful politicians, means that there is something in it for everybody if we all just stick together and follow the rules. We’re all equal (except for those at the top), this is the only fair way, and very different from and much freer than other forms of government – really.
Sadly, people think they get a “voice” in who will rule them and how. They self righteously believe that their form of government is superior – to question the status quo is just too much like work. They think that having a kind of political “tether” around only one ankle is a big improvement over dictatorship, where both ankles are chained to the next fellow. Like pathetic convicts demanding two hours of sunshine per day instead of one and pizza once a month, they make demands by voting, and they’re going to be heard before they acquiesce once again to the cattle prod of the state.

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