Monday, December 21, 2009

My Reply to John McCain

I received an email today from John McCain warning me of the evils of the Democrats and how he needs my help to stop them. It was entitled: We Have Just Begun to Fight.

He of course was half correct the Democrats are evil bastards, but no more evil and certainly no bigger bastards than the Republicans. Actually there is no noticable difference at all, they both suck!

I thought it was my duty as a good "Amerikan" to write my Senator back...after all he did take the time to write to me personally (chain letter) asking for my help. The letter was followed up with the usual pandering for money...apparently they just have not stolen enough yet and kindly asked for my support in the way of more Fiat money. I know it's not real money, but I do like to keep as much as I can from the thief so I of course declined...I am sure they will just print some more anyway.

The letter started out with the usual call to action that the sheep just can't resist:

My Friend,

Early this morning at 1am, the Senate voted 60 to 40 in favor of moving the Democrats' health care bill forward. The final vote to pass the bill is scheduled for Christmas Eve, and I pledge to you that I will not only continue to cast my vote against this bill, but will actively fight it every step along the way.

Democrats have used Bernie Madoff-style accounting to assess the cost of health care reform. And when this bill becomes law, the reality of higher taxes and Medicare cuts for seniors will settle in on the American public
...yada, yada, bullshit...yawn.

Somehow I seemed to have been added to his friends list because he addressed me as "My Friend".

Well seeing as how we seem to be so close, I thought it would be rude of me not to reply to "my friend", so I quickly jotted down this reply:

We? Do you have a mouse in your pocket John boy? And for the record you have not fought for a damn thing...ever. You may think you have the sheep in this Country fooled with your bullshit, but I am not buying any of it. There is not one damn bit of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. You both support theft, you only disagree at the rate of theft. You that call yourselves "Conservatives" think it should be at 49.99% and the ones that call themselves "Democrats" think it should be at 50%...both parties support theft. Once you steal my money from me do you really think I give a shit what you do with it?

When the common thief on the street picks my pocket do you think it makes me feel better to know he used it for a good cause? Theft is theft John boy. This Country is being destroyed by assholes like you and the rest of your Nazi cabal (on both sides of the isle) in Washington (Ron Paul excluded of course).

I hope I live long enough to see the revolution and I just hope there is enough rope to go around for all you treasonous bastards...

Fuck you very much,

Mike Wasdin

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nazi's Arrest Man For Smoking Pot in His Home

The debate on legalizing pot -- are police wasting our time and tax money by investigating certain cases? Or do you back them up for enforcing the law no matter the circumstances?

The answer of course is YES they are wasting resources!

Click below to play video:

Nazi's Arrest Man For Smoking Pot in His Home

So many Nazi' little rope to hang them from....