Thursday, June 19, 2008

Legalize Every Drug

The other day, reading the New York Post's Page Six gossip page, I was surprised to find a picture of me, followed by the lines: "ABC's John Stossel wants the government to stop interfering with your right to get high. ... The crowd went silent at his call to legalize hard drugs."

While drugs harm many, the drug war's black market harms more.
And most importantly, in a free country, adults should have the right to harm themselves.

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D.S.Harford said...

Everyone has the right to be wrong.

If the so called concerned over drug addiction were real they would offer Hope and Help rather than incarceration for something that isn't anyones business. Nixon's war on drugs has been a total disastor. The only thing it has accomplished has been the placing of 1000's of innocent people in prison.