Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ron Paul Vote: A Headache for John McCain?

There is plenty of focus these days on whether Barack Obama can win the lion’s share of the 18 million or so voters who backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries and caucuses.
It is a worthy question. But just as important may be the ultimate destination of the 1.2 million voters on the Republican side who cast their ballots for Ron Paul. For while there has been a rapprochement of sorts between Sens. Clinton and Obama, that has not been the case as yet between Rep. Paul and John McCain.
The outspoken libertarian, anti-Iraq war congressman from Texas has been regarded by many in the GOP as a “nutty uncle,” with his ubiquitous campaign signs and dedicated cadre of Internet-savvy supporters. Asked recently by Newsweek what his relationship was with Sen. McCain, Rep. Paul responded: “It pretty much doesn’t exist. He has his beliefs and I have mine, and they just don’t come together very well.”

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