Friday, February 8, 2013

Photo Radar Fraud

Once again, can we be honest here? As I said in my last two articles, 'My Day in Court and 'Click It or Ticket' speeding laws for the most part are nothing more than a way for the State to raise revenue and have very little to do with public safety. In particular photo radar is a complete fraud. Luckily there are ways to get out of being stolen from by the State when it comes to photo radar.

I am going to detail some ways you can keep the State from stealing your money in this article. I want to make it clear that I am not an attorney, nor is what I will write here to be construed as legal advice. It's simply ways that I am listing that may or may not keep you from being the next victim in the State run scam known as photo radar...or what I like to call Camera Fraud.

The first thing you need to remind yourself of is, "you are the victim, not the criminal."

The criminal in this is the State. You are not attempting to steal from them, they are attempting to steal from you. Why should you feel guilty about using every method possible to keep the thief from robbing you? Would you feel equally as guilty about protecting yourself from the novice criminal on the street?

In a lot of ways I fear the State thugs much more than I do the common thug on the street. The common thug is limited in what he can actually take from you. Usually these limits are confined to what you have on you at the time. I myself carry very little cash, and do not wear jewelry...even a watch so the common thief is limited to the few Federal Reserve Notes I may have and my cell phone at best. But contrast that with the theft powers of the government. They can literally take everything you own or will ever own, they are a much more dangerous predator.

I don't feel the least bit guilty using any and all means necessary to thwart a common thief from attempting to steal from me including physical force and I feel the same way about the thieves that collectively steal from me and call themselves the government...

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