Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Do People Believe Bullshit?

Why are people so prone to believe in bullshit? I am not just talking about religion (although religion is complete bullshit) but all things bullshit. Fortune tellers, astrology, talking to the dead, alien abductions, end of the world, ESP, Ouija Boards, near death experiences, Faked Moon Landing, war on drugs, Criminal Justice, gun control, government, taxes, "Evil Wal-Mart", recycling, Global Warming, the Bible, Creationism....Elvis is still alive.

There is almost nothing that people will not believe. No matter how absurd and completely ridiculous something may sound, chances are there are people that truly believe it. The fact that people believe all this bullshit just makes me want to look at them and ask "what the fuck?"

What is wrong with these people? Were they dropped on their heads as babies? Did they eat too much lead based paint as a child? Or is this really nothing more than a neurological disorder these people suffer from?

We may never really know for sure, but one thing is certain...this is all 100% bullshit!


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