Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ban Everything



Moon Bat Logic

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings the anti-gun moon bats have started once again chanting their ban guns mantra. This incident was tragic and I am in no way trying to down play this tragic event, but just like in so many other tragic events involving guns, this knee-jerk reaction that the answer to this problem is banning guns is just feeble minded and not the answer.

The thought process involved in thinking that banning guns will somehow magically make gun violence disappear is akin to thinking that banning fatty foods will solve the obesity problem or that banning automobiles will solve the automobile accident problem. While it's true that automobiles are used in 100% of all accidents involving automobiles, this does not mean that the solution to stopping automobile accidents is to ban automobiles, but this is the exact logic that anti-gun activists use to make their case for gun bans...

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