Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watch The Video Above

A couple is arrested at the border for just asking questions. This is what "Amerika" has become. These jack booted thugs should be swinging from the end of a rope. Wake up people it's time for a revolution...fuck these Nazi's!

So many Nazi's and not enough rope to go around...


Anonymous said...

Look, when you say they should be hanging from a rope, you are just as totalitarian as they are, you have to understand that their actions are the result of ignorance and blind obediance, but not of pure evil as you may think (I'm talking about the police, not the people in charge, they just might be evil :P).
Battle with inteligence, not with brute force, the only language the oligarchy understands is money, so don't fight the system, BANKRUPT THE SYSTEM!
Try combining guerila warfare tactics with economic ones (the boicott for example), and when you think it through you will see that these people are in fact very weak and cannot match the power of the people. Anarchy/true democracy is the system of the future, it is just inevitable since the invention of the internet, it is a fact of nature, evolution, the weak archaic system will go extinct and the better one will replace it.

Delboy Daniels

blindsman said...

You relate Democracy (dumbocracy)with freedom? I hope you do not consider Democracy to be the better system because it's not. Democracy is mob rule, it's nine wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. The problem with Democracy is Democracy.

I hope Democracy is not the system of the future, if so we are fucked even more than we are now. I would like to see a day when Democracy and voting both become archaic.

As far as my wanting to see them all hang, I don't see it as totalitarian at all. I see it as natural selection. Getting rid of these Fascist assholes is the only way to to take care of the problem. Much as our founders would tar and feather the tax man when he came around.

The system is already bankrupt, surving only on fiat money. As long as they can print money as needed, they can never be stopped monetarily.

I say kill them all, if that makes me as bad as they are, so be it!

Anonymous said...

I disagree, to me anarchy and democracy (and I mean true democracy by definition- rule of the people, not this elected totalitarism that they insult my intelligence by calling it democracy) are nearly synonimous. I propose a system where the only thing illegal would be law itself, and if a man would get say murdered, he would be judged not on the principle of legislation but of ethics or natural law (which is to say: your freedom to swing fists ends where my nose starts). But the real problem is that most people is that people are dumb and rely on emotions (anger in particular) rather than logic in judging someone. But this as much of a problem as you may think, because contrary to common misconception, intelligence can be learned just like any other skill(I should know I have an IQ of 172 though I think I've raised it for 10-20 pts since I last tested), and if it were taught in school rather than shakespeare (ugh!), so the problem of mob mentality would be pretty much solved by this.

As far as natural selection goes, you can consider the system to be the ecosystem in which these fascists and their supporters outnumber people like you and me, so if you are to wish natural selection to take its course, you are wishing for your own death. You can't just get rid of them, it's simply not effective.

Even if you can outnumber them, one of the basic rules of guerilla warfare is: never surround an enemy from all 4 sides, the enemy then becomes unpredictable and desperate, instead surroun him on 3 sides, and leave him an exit which best suits your needs. What I'm trying to say is, don't fight the police head on, convince them that your way is the right way, show intelligence, self confidence and courage and they will start to doubt in their own system of beliefs.

And yes I am aware of the Federal reserve creating money out of thin air and then charging interest to the USA and to the rest of the world through IMF and MMF. So what? I think the usual question: Do you believe in God?, will soon be replaced with: Do you believe in money?.. do to it being created out of thin air and not being in physical form any more.


blindsman said...

You have been mislead my friend, Democracy (pure or not) is mob rule. Democracy rests on the idea that some majority of individuals may do whatever it wishes to a minority or single individual. This is not only dangerous to individual liberty, but to society as a whole because it manifests itself on an inefficient form of Social- Democratic mob rule. You can not keep personal freedom in an environment where 50.1% of the voting public can tell the rest of the population what to do.

How someone could relate that to Anarchy (self rule) is beyond reason to me. You actually think that you can acheive freedom through allowing others to vote for what those freedoms are? I am not sure what my IQ is, but it does not take a genius to see the fallacy in your thought process my friend (-;

Anonymous said...

Well this is exactly why anarchy is impossible to achieve without an intelligent and educated society, people need to be taught that they can't impose their beliefs on others, if it doesn't hurt you, then it's none of your businees if I say smoke weed.
This is the problem of collectivism or group think, and you will have it whether it is totalitarism, democracy or anarchy, what do you think that you would be free to walk around the streets with a joint in anarchy? It would be worse, kids parents would find you and linch you!

So in order to instate any better system, whether it is anarchy or democracy, you would first have to teach people to not give in to group think and use their own heads, which is not a simple task, but not that complicated either.

blindsman said...

The problem is you do not have a clue what Anarchy is. You thik it means lawlessness and chaos. The term Anarchy has been hijacked by the masses to mean all sorts of things that it does not mean.

I use the term to mean "self-rule". This does not mean that I would be able to do whatever I like. It means that I control me and my property and as long as I do not use my property in such a way that it violates anothers rights, I should me able to do anything I like such as smoke, drink, eat, watch anything without some governing force telling me what I can and can't do. I would be a self-ruling individual. Do I believe such a society is possible? No, not given the brain dead people that populate the planet, but that does not mean I will ever stop promoting it.

You seem more like a Socialist to me, which makes me wonder why you decided to comment on a Anarchist blog? I think the biggest problem here is you think you "get it" but you don't. You may get a small piece of the pie which is more than most, but the big picture escapes you. You can't be an Anarchist while at the same time promote Dumbocracy.

I figured it out a long time ago and I have had debates with the best of them and I will never be swayed. I don't just think I am right, I know I am.

Anonymous said...

My friend, it seems to me that this is just a misunderstanding, we infact have very similar views, I understand very well what anarchy is, and I don't think it has been hijacked by the masses, but by government to perpetuate their existance by scaring people to think that anarchy would be chaos.

As for "Self-rule", the old greeks propogated self-rule via DIRECT democracy, and they were the most advanced nation of the time. Self rule is democracy, more or less. Democracy and Anarchy are not exactly synonimous, but are neither clashing, they are compatible. In contrast, real democracy and any form of government are incompatible, as for the 9 wolves-1 sheep problem, there are such things as supermajority vote and apsolute majority. Personally, I would prefer non-democratic Anarchy, but this is too radical of an idea for people to accept any time soon, so direct democracy would be a great stepping stone to a future anarchy.

Unlike you, I think a society based on Anarchy is possible, in fact there were several such societies in the past such as the Islandic Commonwealth (10th-13th century, was bought up by the church and restored control :P), or Spanish Catalonia(1936-39) etc., and they were all very productive and fair societies.
I think that Anarchy will become dominant in 20-50 years if people like you and me keep spreading the word, but you have to do it peacefully, and if you wonder why, consider the Oklahoma City bombing, McVeigh bombed that building to defend his liberties, yet the government ended up using that attack as an excuse to take away even more liberties from the people.

I would suggest you read the book: God wants you dead, by Sean Hastings, or if the 350 pages are too much, just skip to the 1st chapter about idea organisms, the 2nd about how religion and government (kings) came into existanc (it actually proves that taxation is historically the oldest form of raqueteering, haha), maybe the bit about laws-slippery slope and ratcheting, and the last bit about atheism and anarchism.

Also look up "freemans choice" on the internet, it is a way you can achieve personal anarchy today, it only works for Canadians, but I've heard there is something similar in the US, look for it. Unfortunally, I'm neither a US or Canadian citizen myself :(

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

The guy who got arrested was definately being combative. I don't know if that is ever going to turn out well against police officers. (from any country) If the police didn't demand some sort of order when they are conducting an investigation, nothing would ever get done. Sure, the first guy that made them go inside sounded like a real dick, but the agent inside was being completely reasonable. Even when the Canadian guy was acting like a jackass. And they weren't arrested for asking questions, they were arrested for obstructing justice (which was apparently on video) If they arrested those people, and the video showed something different, the cops would be the ones in trouble. I know it happens all the time. Just look at all the youtube videos. But those cops pretty much lose their jobs.

blindsman said...

I love the way the sheep are so quick to defend the Nazi's. I should not have to show my "papers" to travel and I woulod like to see all these jack booted bastards swinging from the end of a rope.

blindsman said...

Delboy, I agree with your thoughts on "god". I think we need to kill "god" before "god" kills humanity. I will also check out the books you recommended.

Here is a good article about the definition of Anarchy:

I still disagree that Democracy is good or that it relates to freedom. This country was started as a Republic for good reason. The founding fathers warned against Democracy (in any form) because they knew it was evil. That's why you will not find the word democracy in any of the founding documents of this country. If the founders would have intended for us to be one, surely they would have said so.

Democracy in all forms is more related to fascism than freedom and no one will ever convince me of anything different.