Thursday, April 8, 2010

Governor of Virginia Thinks Civil War Was About Slavery

My Response to the Governor-

It would seem that you could use a lesson in history. The war was about states rights, slavery had very little to do with it. Slavery was on its way out with or without the Civil War.

I am sure you think the way you do because you were educated in the public school system, but you really should know a little something about a subject before you embarrass yourself and speak about something you are illiterate on.

It’s really sad that so many people in this country are clueless when it comes to history and even more pathetic when someone such as a Governor is just as ignorant. This of course does not surprise me, as I have known for a long time that the average person in this country is a god damn moron, but I just wanted to thank you for solidifying my beliefs!

Please do everyone a favor and find a new career, this one does not seem to be a good match for you Bobby.

Mike Wasdin
Tax slave living in The United States of Amerika

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