Monday, May 4, 2009

NORML March in Phoenix

500 Medical marijuana advocates gather in central Phoenix to support and kick off a ballot initiative in arizona to legalize Medical marijuana. Listen to attorney Marc Victor address the crowd as to the lunacy of the drug war and the Nazi bastards that keep it going.


Akin Nu An said...

I totally support this view on Cannabis.

I live in the UK and here - alchohol kills 114,000 (Average recorded deaths per year); Tobacco kills 40,000; Ecstasy tablets kill 17... Cannabis kills 1 on average per year.

There's a great article on a website, here's an extract:

"Why Cannabis Is Illegal
By the Legalise Cannabis Alliance

Until the end of the last century cannabis, also known as hemp, had been used throughout the world for centuries, for a variety of reasons. For ages human beings in many parts of the globe had used the highly nutritious cannabis seed as a source of food. In fact it is still one of the most nutritious seeds on earth.

Various parts of the plant had been used to make most of the world's paper including Bibles, maps and charts, writing paper etc; also most rope, sails and tents (the word 'cannabis' is derived from the Dutch word 'canvas', lubricants, paint base and fuel.

Cannabis had been, and still is, regarded as a sacrament by religions such as Coptic Christians, Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists and, later, Rastafarians and New Age Churches.

Cannabis had been used as a medicine since the times of the Ancient Chinese and Egyptians. It is still claimed to ease the suffering of many millions of people today. These include those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS, glaucoma, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, insomnia, spinal injury, loss of appetite, depression and nausea particularly associated with chemotherapy on cancer patients. Cannabis was available as a tincture in the UK until 1971. Now the natural ameliorative plant is totally illegal.

Cannabis was an essential crop in many countries for its various uses. In Britain there are several places named after the hemp plant: Hempnall, Hampstead Heath etc. In Wymondham in Norfolk, last century, a prison work house received a commendation for its profitable cannabis business."

The rest is interesting too. Enjoy!


Jeff Edwards said...

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